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Parent Participation

With Your Child Parents are encouraged to make an appointment and come to the school to watch the Units at work and to discuss progress and/or issues concerning their child with their child’s teacher or with the Principal. The prospect for educational success of any student requires interaction between home and school which results in deep and sympathetic understanding between the two. This doesn’t mean just going along to parent meetings and joining in school activities. Although these are very important for our school, it also means that parents ought to be involved in what their children are experiencing. They should know about the school program and discuss school topics with their children. Parents who wish to assist their child with specific skills are encouraged to discuss this with the teacher to establish a constructive partnership. With the School or the Units The school is eager to utilise the assistance of parents or others in the community willing to give some of their time for the benefit of the children. They may have special skills or interests or may assist in the Units or library under the direction of a teacher. This not only providing extra resource people for the school, but allowing the children to benefit by contract with a wider range of adults. Some training sessions for parents who wish to help children at school are held each year.

How can parents help?

Parents are invited to assist in many different activities – in the classroom with music or hobbies, reading or Mathematics, in the library, in the canteen or with sport. However, these are only some of the areas where help would be welcomed. If you do not have spare time during school hours, many teachers would be grateful for any help you could give, eg. making teaching aids or processing and displaying written work.

How often are helpers expected to come?

Your own timetable will determine when you can be available to help.

Let the teacher know when you will be able to come to the school – some may come once a fortnight, others during a six-week period and others may be happy to come once or twice a week. Any time you can give is valuable and teachers will be happy to suggest activities which would best suit your schedule. Help for the Helpers Teachers may hold training sessions to explain how their class is run or how parents can help with a particular course. Detailed guidelines for helpers are prepared for some programs.

In addition, teachers are always happy to answer queries if you need further advice. Requests for help in particular activities are often made in the school Newsletter. Please do not feel you need wait for such an invitation. Your child’s teacher will always be happy to talk with you about ways to in which you could assist.

Payment Procedures for Excursions, Performances and Camps

All money for excursions, performances, camps, etc. should be placed securely in an envelope and clearly labelled and placed in the child’s unit box in the front foyer. Individual receipts will be issued for amounts more than $10. Alternatively, payment can be made through a family transaction statement sent home each term.

Personal Belongings

Please mark clearly your child’s name on all personal belongings, including clothing.