Wild About Books 3

The Library Resource Centre (LRC) operates from Monday to Thursday. Opening times are displayed on the window near the door. Children may borrow and engage in quiet activities and games, such as chess, during these times and may also use the computers at lunchtimes. All classes participate in regular weekly sessions in the LRC in order to establish understandings and skills in information literacy, including the use of information and communication technology. Library lessons also encourage the children to read widely for enjoyment and information.Class teachers may schedule lessons in the LRC, to use either print resources or the computer laboratory, when it is not being used for a timetabled class. The classroom teacher manages these classes independently. Access to Resources - Students are actively encouraged to read widely and to access a range of information sources.

Resource loan limits are as follows:

  • Kindergarten and Year One – one book
  • Year 2 – two books
  • Years 3 to 6 – three books

For the majority of items, the loan period is two weeks. Loans of reference and other materials are by negotiation with the teacher-librarian.

Students are encouraged to borrow according to need. Students usually have an opportunity to borrow during their scheduled weekly Library lessons. They may also exchange books at lunchtimes. Every student is strongly encouraged to use a serviceable library bag (solid fabric or tough plastic) labelled clearly with his or her name. Library bags should be replaced as necessary and may be purchased at the front office.

Community Involvement in the Library Resource Centre

Students participate:

  • In selection of resources
  • In use of computers
  • As trained Library Monitors
  • As responsible users of the LRC and its resources

Parents participate:

  • By supporting and encouraging regular use of the LRC by their children
  • As responsible users of the LRC and its resources
  • As helpers assisting with organizational tasks
  • As volunteers operating the Scholastic Book Clubs
  • In providing financial support
  • In curriculum management decisions through the School Board.