Our Vision

image with words You can do it

Fadden Primary community will encourage every student to aim for excellence in an environment which promotes a love of learning and prepares each student for the challenges of the future.

The Fadden Primary School Song

Sheltered by the Fadden hills
Amongst the greys and greens,
In Hanlon Crescent, stands a school
The best you’ve ever seen.
It all began in ‘85
At Fadden Primary School.
Sharing, working, having fun,
In all we say and do.


Excellence in learning
Excellence in friendship
Excellence in all we do
This is what we’re aiming for
At Fadden Primary School.

Teamwork, persistence, wombats shout,
Koalas know what its about.
Kangas, Emus all agree
Teamwork’s the way it needs to be.
SRC organises lots we do
With cake stalls, wacky hair days too.
Sausage sizzles and other cool things,
They learn satisfaction giving brings.


We learn respect and tolerance
And how to get along,
We value trust and honesty,
With these we won’t go wrong
We love to learn through work and play,
In confidence we grow.
Fadden is where we want to stay.
Increasing what we know.