Principal's Message

Our school’s curriculum planning is based on our understanding of students – their development, needs, talents, interests and the ways they learn best. It is assumed that all students are capable of responding to high expectations, of working effectively with others, of making decisions about their learning and of expressing themselves in creative ways.

The core business of Fadden Primary School is learning and teaching in a caring, safe welcoming environment where students are challenged to achieve their best. This is supported by the strong emphasis we place on the values of: Responsibility, Empathy, Self-Worth, Enthusiasm, Collaboration, Trust and Personal Excellence.

Curriculum within the school is also based upon our understanding of Australian society, its expectations of schooling and of the aspirations of the student’s families and other members of the local community. There is an expectation that the school curriculum supports the development and operation of our open democratic society and, at the same time, endeavours to provide opportunities for each child to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for satisfying life’s needs.
Our curriculum focuses on collaborating with parents and we hope this will continue to engender strong community for our school. The curriculum policy statements make provision for each of our students to be involved in challenging courses and tasks.

Our policies also commit the school to the provision of an education of the highest quality for all students, regardless of location, ethnic origin, gender, socioeconomic background or level of ability. We also seek to redress educational disadvantage and improve learning for all students, by making a firm commitment to the objective of social justice.

The staff of Fadden Primary School will endeavour, at all times, to provide programs which cater for the conditions of learning and provide real access to personally and socially useful knowledge through development of thought and language.

Our school is committed to the highest level of education possible for all our students. We seek, under the aims of social justice, to optimise all the students’ learning and to involve the community in the education of its children.

Our school aims to provide a learning environment where there is development and personal security for all students. Curricula and policies are chosen and implemented with regard to this development and security.

Lindsay Musto

Latest Update: August 11, 2014