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Our school's curriculum follows Australian Achievement standards and is based on a good understanding of what students know and where they need to go next. Our aim is to continually increase the professional knowledge of all staff in order to build on the skills children bring, whatever their starting point and to ensure learning is challenging and engaging with high intellectual content for all. Students –whose development, needs, talents, interests and the ways they learn best, are at the core of our planning and programming.  We believe that all students are capable of responding to high expectations, of working effectively with others, of making decisions about their learning and of expressing themselves in creative ways.

The core business of Fadden Primary School is learning and teaching in a caring, safe, welcoming environment where students are challenged to achieve their best. We are explicit about what constitutes high quality work .We give opportunities for students to self- reflect and set learning goals. This is supported by the strong emphasis we place on the values of: respect, for self, others and property, responsibility, for one's actions in both the social and academic domain and confidence in trying new things and extending themselves. Underpinning this is support for achieving personal excellence.

The Australian curriculum makes provision for each of our students to be involved in challenging courses and tasks. We proactively plan for success for all students by differentiation, continually responding to the learning needs of individuals and groups and collaborating with parents in supporting children to achieve their goals.

We are committed to the provision of an education of the highest quality for all students, regardless of location, ethnic origin, gender, socioeconomic background or level of ability. We seek to redress educational disadvantage and improve learning for all students, by making a firm commitment to the objective of social justice.

We strive for  the highest level of education possible for all our students, who are actively engaged in problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. We have whole school approaches that provide common language and consistency. Learning is engaging, whether it is PE, science, or researching vegetables that grow in the garden. Fadden is a very positive learning environment. I am really delighted to be its principal.

Nina McCabe

Acting Principal

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