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Ms Liz Wallace

  • Masters in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood
  • Bachelor of Education in Special Education
  • Bachelor of Teaching in Primary
  • ACT Public Education Awards: Winner – Primary Principal of the Year 2011
  • ACT Finalist for AITSL Australian Primary Principal of the Year Award 2011
  • ACEL Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership 2007

Our Principal, Ms Liz Wallace came to the school in November 2015. Prior to commencing at Fadden PS Ms Wallace was the founding Principal at Isabella Plains Early Childhood School and spent seven years building a very successful and highly regarded school. Before that Ms Wallace was Acting Manager and Assistant Manager in Disability Education and prior to that Deputy Principal at Charles Conder Primary School for seven years. Ms Wallace has over 20 years experience teaching and leading in schools in Canberra and Queensland, this has included teaching in K-6 classes, gifted and talented classes, learning assistance, reading recovery and special education. Ms Wallace has a particular passion for developing productive partnerships and building a sense of community within schools.

Ms Wallace says...
I am delighted to have joined the Fadden Primary School community. I have been overwhelmed by the welcome I have received from children, staff and families. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know everyone.

I believe that all children are unique and special and our job as teachers is to find out what they are capable of and where to take them next on their journey of learning and development. Being a part of children's learning and development is a privilege. It is a delight to see them learn and achieve and in doing so answer the questions they have about the world around them.

At Fadden Primary School we focus on the academic, physical, social and emotional development of students. We maintain high expectations for student’s learning and interactions with others. Teachers provide learning programs which offer support as well as extension opportunities for students. Students have the opportunity to engage in a range of rich extra curricula events as well as their quality daily learning programs.

In 2016 we will celebrate the achievements of the past four years and develop a school strategic plan to take us in the future. I look forward to working with students, staff and families as we embark on this school review process.

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