School Uniform at Fadden

Why we have a uniform

The school community is strongly in favour of a standard uniform and feels that smart attire creates a very good impression of the school, especially in the public forum. The school strongly encourages tidy dress and the wearing of the school uniform as detailed in this policy. We seek everyone’s assistance on this matter. We have a great school, let’s look great too!

We would like parents and carers to make an extra effort to ensure that our students come to school in their very smart school uniforms. If uniform clothes are not available on a particular day, clothes in school colours are acceptable.

What to avoid wearing

We ask that students avoid wearing T-shirts and sweaters with pictures or writing on them or football jumpers (sweaters and T-shirts with our school logo of course are very acceptable). Skate shoes are not acceptable. Hats must accord with the uniform policy; baseball caps and other styles not offering sufficient shade are not acceptable.

Where to buy

All uniform items are available from Savvy clothing in Tuggeranong and generic items (such as navy shorts, netball skirts etc…) may also be purchased from a range of department stores. The front office sells Fadden chair bags and navy hats.

Policies and guidance

The click this link for the formal uniform policy. Any feedback about the uniform should be directed to the P&C.