Health & PE

Class programs are based on the ACT Department of Education Curriculum Framework for Health and Physical Education with the Curriculum Profile and Across Curriculum Perspectives.

The Curriculum Strands in Health and Physical Education are:

  • Human Development which explores emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual development
  • Human Movement which develops fundamental movement patterns and coordinates actions of the body
  • Physical Activity and the Community which emphasises the significance of physical activity in promoting health and fitness
  • People and Food which explores the importance of nutrition and making informed food choices
  • Health of Individuals and Populations explores what it means to be healthy and how people promote health and prevent disease
  • Safety examines safe and unsafe physical, social and emotional environments and the rights of people to live in safety
  • Human Relations emphasises personal identity and effective relationships in various contexts
  • Investigation, Communication and Application is integrated into the seven conceptual strands and identifies process which promote learning in Health and Physical Education.

Special Events

  • A swimming carnival for students aged 8 years and older.
  • Cross-country for students aged 8 years and older. a mini cross-country is held for K-2 students.
  • An athletics carnival for students 8 years and older.
  • Upper Primary year groups may participate in a camping program where appropriate.
  • Intra-school and inter-school sports events take place throughout the year.
  • Health and PE Week is noted by events chosen each year according to school programs and/or system initiatives.