Statements of Learning

Fadden Primary's English curriculum assists students to develop:

  • the capacity to speak, listen, read, view and write to make meaning with purpose, effect and confidence in a wide range of contexts
  • knowledge of the ways texts and language vary according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the ability to apply this knowledge
  • the capacity to critically interpret and construct spoken, written, visual and multimodal texts in a broad range of mediums
  • the capacity to use critical, analytical and imaginative abilities when interpreting, constructing, evaluating, discussing and using language and texts
  • a sound grasp of language forms and features and textual structures, and the capacity to apply these to the interpretation and construction of texts
  • a broad knowledge of a range of literature and other texts
  • from the past and present
  • from Australia, including texts that give insights into Aboriginal experiences, Torres Strait Islander experiences and multicultural experiences in Australia
  • from Asia, in English or translated into English
  • from other English-speaking cultures
  • from youth and popular
  • knowledge of the ways in which texts may be interpreted and constructed according to cultural, social and personal backgrounds and contexts
  • knowledge of the qualities of language and ideas that contribute to the enjoyment of increasingly complex texts
  • the capacity to use information and communication technologies in the construction of texts and the capacity to interpret and critically analyse texts created and published through information and communication technologies
  • the capacity to use texts to make sense of one world, to broaden and promote shared cultural understandings, to exercise judgement and responsibility in matters of morality, ethics and social justice, and to prepare one for lifelong learning.